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Church against the dark rituals and desecration of the land.
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The concept of evil that you create can include not only a fraction of the Gothic evil, as a set of special units and special behavior of this fraction on the strategic map.

For example, the followers of evil can perform special rituals in coincidence any special circumstances (the full moon or an eclipse, the desecration of the church, the sacrifice, the cemetery, and so on).

Imagine that evil has a number of different strategies that are used in the logic of the unpredictable to the player:

– Attack an army of the undead
– Position of weakness such as the blockade of roads
– Dark rituals that raise the dead in the cemetery of the city, forced to weaken the defense of castles or even stupefy small fraction, for example when they begin to see all enemies.

This friendly factions understand that this fraction dizzy and this term shall not be hostile long-term negative consequences.

On the strategic map – it may look like the appearance of a small altar of evil. And in order to befuddle the castle, the adepts of evil must be such as to close the Triangle of the altars – to put 3 of the altar around the castle.

This is an interesting idea, because it adds a higher element of confrontation evil forces that suddenly opens a quest – which is necessary to unravel – to find and destroy their altars. Or perhaps lead the priest and sanctify the place.

Or imagine – around flash lycanthropy – in this case the reasons may be different – a natural extension fraction werewolves – or the result of one of the darkest rituals. And then you know – that in the area there is a serious opponent – adept evil, some strong unit with his entourage – which comes out only at night for example, and detect and even more so to win it very difficult.

The ritual can not be made if nearby, there is a functioning church. The bandits and orcs can burn the church for profit, but for the undead that would expand its influence and to carry out the rituals.