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    First proposal (more like a question)
    What role will the clergymen play for the upcoming factions system?
    So far they have only appeared in text descriptions. But I can imagine more.
    1)Attached locations with religious flair like maintained graveyards (make more gravediggers and graverobbers recruitable, reduce the number of undead around the city), churches with reliquiaries (produce revenue), chapels (maybe produce healing herbs)
    2)One step further, make them a faction of their own with monastaries being village-like locations, with their own economy and mercenary contracts. They should often side with good-natured noble houses and might shun the Battlebrothers if they commit atrocities (in contrast to neutral villages minding their own business) or send them on hunting relics/heretics/undead to clear their name.
    Second proposal
    So far it sounds like attached locations will always have purely positive effects. But it might be interesting to see some have mixed effects. Stuff like:
    A toll booth by a river crossing will generate revenue and will pose a barrier for bandits etc. However it will hinder commerce for the neighbour-villages and your mercenaries have to pay to cross (or burn it to the ground themselves and kill a good chunk of militiamen in the process).
    A witchhut in the outskirts of town might supply cheap healing herbs, but attracts the fury of the clergy (see first proposal).
    Mines will probably give a huge income, but when next to a river they reduce the yields of farmers and fishermen downstream (and therefore creating conflict between villages).
    Apart from a feeling of uniques, I think this makes more room for pillaging contracts (apart from some noble saying he doesn’t want his rival to have nice things).

    What do you guys think?

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    (Since my damn PC crashed last night as I was about to answer to this topic, I try now to recapture what got lost after putting a lot of effort into my post.)

    Hey, hey,
    this topic finally made me to register for this forum.

    I like your suggestions and would like to see them ingame in general.
    But I think the clergy should be more like a faction thriving for power, not by force, but by scheming, using the faithful for the(ir) greater good. Forcing even the most powerful noble houses to their knees and make them unable to act without their leave. You made them sound like the good guys, but they certainly are not. It’s all fine as long as they benefit.(sounds pretty much like the goblins, if I’m not mistaken^^)
    They would make an excellent addition for the environment of a mercenary group.
    They have no army, but riches beyond imagination and they have to keep up appearances for the common people, so they can’t act openly.
    Every noble would have to act according to them or they lose the support of the church and thus their own people.
    There is that noble that that lord wants to be gone, but alas he remains in good standing with the church, so that lord’s hands are tied. Guess who’s hands are not?
    The same goes for the church, that does not like a noble to rise higher than they allowed him to.

    This time it all fits even better with the idea for a high pay scenario/contract, i wrote, that was part of the original post. It went like this: the church wants you to kill one of those crazy cultist guys. No problem. In the text prior to the battle there are then stated several subtle hints, that this very guy is some sort of cultist-jesus, who doesn’t seem to be crazy at all, but a very winsome guy, with an aura, that make you feel uneasy for the reason you are there. He seems to know why you have come. He talks to a crowd(which dislikes your very appearance and outnumberes you five to one at least), that hangs on his every word, among which are many sick and wounded (as you the commander observe). Nonetheless you expect a heavy fight. He says to you:“Leave and you may go unharmed.“You hear the threat, but think about to leave. And then to the crowd:“Noone will be harmed today!“ You take this as a slight, obviously he is not even taking you serious.
    [The battle starts.] You are surprisingly only facing your target, that isn’t even fighting back(no weapon) and dies quickly.
    After battle you expect all hell to break loose, but to your astonishment nobody is moving to rip you apart. Though many are angered, but more are saddened or crying. But the oddest sight are a group of maybe a dozen men, that doesn’t seem to be concerned at all.
    You and your men make haste to leave the little village, before anyone is able to change his mind. As you are about to realize, why the church wanted this man to be dead.

    Three days later you return to your contractee, to receive your reward, who already got word of your deed and seems to be highly satisfied, pays and dismisses you quickly. You felt uneasy since the day you murdered this cultist, could barely sleep and if you could, you were plagued by nightmares. You hoped that the pay would fix these problems, like it did so often before. But not this time. The sack of gold felt unnaturally heavy, as you picked it up, like it was filled with lead.

    (Random event)Some days later at an inn, you hear of a man, that is said to be murdered publicly, but has risen three days after…crazy cultist nonsense.
    You try to conceal your gladness, though you buy one round after the other for your boys. This night, for the first time, since days you fall asleep drunk, but lighthearted, thinking that it has never felt so good to be a mercenary.

    Though the original was quasi ready to be shipped, I hope you get the meaning and that this is of use one way or the other.

    The Black Death
    Another idea that came to my mind was to introduce a event that infects a town/village with the plague. (cause you hired all the rat-catchers XD) It kills half the population, half the economy, with half the attachements getting ruined and it is possible to spread to other settlements to some extend and for your battlebrothers to get infected and die of it, if you get in contact.
    This event makes some high pay contracts available, where you either have to help the contagioned town to survive this harsh times, by ensuring one way or the other that the trade to this town continues or you are hired by a neighbouring town or the relevant liege, to make sure the plague will not spread by to shutting the town down or kill every still living person and burn it to the ground.

    My additions concerning the „Second Proposal“
    1. Another conflict I can imagine, would be between a lumber camp and a hunter’s cabin(or a village living mostly off game). The workings in the wood would chase off the wildlife, hence threatening the existence of the hunters/villager.
    So maybe it could also be like, that each attached location wants to thrive, similar to the different factions, and therefore tries to outdo opposing businesses of the same kind and other attachments that disadvantages it.
    2. Attachment’s bonus/malus depending on the rulers reign-style. For example a guard/prison tower/torture dungeon could generally make bandits looting and them settling down in its influence more unlikely and additionally make people feel save, boosting the production under a just liege, though under a lord known to be cruel, amplifying the tower’s influence radius, but reduce the income of the other attached locations, cause even the righteous people feel repressed by the cruel guards, fear to get imprisoned or worse.
    3. Synergies between attachements of one town but also of neighbouring towns. Like: farm + mill (+bakery)= higher (even higher) production/income; 1. town’s farm + 2. town’s mill (+3. town’s bakery)= high trade traffic and a little higher income for all; prison + town square = executions
    4. Attachement related contracts. Like already mentioned. There should for example only be a contract available at a town, that wants you to hunt down grave robbers, if there is a graveyard attached to it.

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    Church against the dark rituals and desecration of the land.
    //Sorry, I did not speak English. Translated by Google translator.
    The concept of evil that you create can include not only a fraction of the Gothic evil, as a set of special units and special behavior of this fraction on the strategic map.

    For example, the followers of evil can perform special rituals in coincidence any special circumstances (the full moon or an eclipse, the desecration of the church, the sacrifice, the cemetery, and so on).

    Imagine that evil has a number of different strategies that are used in the logic of the unpredictable to the player:

    – Attack an army of the undead
    – Position of weakness such as the blockade of roads
    – Dark rituals that raise the dead in the cemetery of the city, forced to weaken the defense of castles or even stupefy small fraction, for example when they begin to see all enemies.

    This friendly factions understand that this fraction dizzy and this term shall not be hostile long-term negative consequences.

    On the strategic map – it may look like the appearance of a small altar of evil. And in order to befuddle the castle, the adepts of evil must be such as to close the Triangle of the altars – to put 3 of the altar around the castle.

    This is an interesting idea, because it adds a higher element of confrontation evil forces that suddenly opens a quest – which is necessary to unravel – to find and destroy their altars. Or perhaps lead the priest and sanctify the place.

    Or imagine – around flash lycanthropy – in this case the reasons may be different – a natural extension fraction werewolves – or the result of one of the darkest rituals. And then you know – that in the area there is a serious opponent – adept evil, some strong unit with his entourage – which comes out only at night for example, and detect and even more so to win it very difficult.

    The ritual can not be made if nearby, there is a functioning church. The bandits and orcs can burn the church for profit, but for the undead that would expand its influence and to carry out the rituals.

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