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Hi Alesch,

concerning new weapons I can only point to this blog entry where the warhammer and the cleaver get explained.

We have got a big pile of medieval weapons lined up to get into the game, on top of that there will be all the faction specific weapons like goblin throwing nets, orc cleavers etc. Further down the road there will be legendary artifacts and unique weapons with their own looks and skills. So we got a giant backlog of armament. We are currently working on basic game systems like the worldmap and don’t focus on adding content at this point. But be assured there will be a ton of weapons in the final game :)

Concerning dual wielding, we had a very long internal discussion whether we want to implement it or not. I personally am not a big fan of it because in my oppinion it’s even more fantasy than zombies or orcs :) For a good look on historical sources concerning dual wielding here’s a pretty interesting piece on the topic by Skallagrim:
If dual wielding makes sense or not is an eternal discussion on the internet so everyone has to make up his own mind about it :) But at this point of development it’s not scheduled to get implemented.


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