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    Hello Battle Brothers developers and fans,

    Enjoying the new update and now feel familiar enough with it to give proper feedback.

    1) Love the new rare items – I think these are at a reasonable power level. Slightly better than standard weapons/armour. Art on these is splendid and adds a lot of flavour.
    2) New perk tree – excellent. I really like the flexibility it offers. In particular, I feel the weapon perks are well judged. They offer flexibility (by covering several different weapons, and even better by covering 1H and 2H weapons. This makes sense and stops characters being too narrow). They’re not so strong however as to require they’re use – if you find a good weapon but don’t have the right perk, you’re not crippling yourself by using a weapon you’re not specialised in. Lonewolf and Underdog create interesting new character opportunities.
    3) Full force perk (I think this is the one that gave a % of your body armour to your weapon’s top end damage range) – would love to see this back, as it was a fun way of making use of the armour system and helped differentiate different character types.
    4) Some background seem to be very rare, particularly Hedge Knights. Perhaps an additional use of your band’s fame could be increasing the number of mercenaries spawned/increasing the chance of high quality backgrounds spawning? It would be a flavourful use of the fame system.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    Agreed on 4) im on like day 150? and ive only seen 1 hedge knight.

    Avatar photoHarlath

    Cheers! I think using reputation would be an interesting way to drive recruitment options, albeit I’m not sure how easy this would be be to code even if the developers agree.

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