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    No doubt too late… But hey ho there’s always the wish list for Expansion & DLC:

    1. Add unique skills to some of the unique weapons e.g (Dagger that always does Poison dmg; Armour with retaliation damage; Sword that can disarm enemy; Flail with 2 range; Shield that’s indestructable; shiny shield that dazzles attacker; Helm that inspires confidence; Silver axe + 10 dmg vs undead etc etc)

    2. Have renown for individual brothers eventually they can achieve legendary status and get a buff along with a title (like the bandit leaders have) E.g “The Wall” gets +10 melee def; “Orc slayer gets + 5 attack & damage against Greenskins. Would be good if this could be tied somehow to stats & behaviour.

    3. Introduce some quests with multiple steps.

    4. Ability to wait in town till dawn… Maybe only if there is a pub.

    5. Q.O.L. Improvement: Map rollover to show facilities at town visited, very annoying trying to remember where the chapels are or wound treatment.

    6. Q.O.L. Improvement: Minimap in town; useful for caravan & escort missions

    7. Lvl 3 perk that gives extra level points+1 is a default choice in most cases. Perhaps remove this and add more increments per level as it kind of limits build diversity. Mind you going from level 2 to 3 feels like a real achievement right now which is cool.

    8. More events related around backgrounds… Its great fun keeping a mix of backgrounds for the events rather than pure fighting skill. I’d love to see one where a squire can perform an act of bravery and become a knight (incl some skill buffs or equipment upgrade) – This could be a 1 on 1 battle, or just text event where the risk is a permanent injury.

    9. OPtion to work for nobles for contracts ie 3 missions back to back

    10. More gradings for quests, but less difficulty creep with no of days: I’ve noticed that quests get harder as time progresses, which is fine until you suffer a significant party wipe and go back to using raw recruits and then can not catch back up with the late game difficulty curve – even 1 star missions are too much and then there is no way back. Of course some overlap between difficulty is spot on, its good to get nasty suprises. But it should be possible to get back on the bottom rung of the ladder like when you start out.

    Keep up the awesomeness.


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    Boom! Request number 5 got adopted! :) ofcourse lots of people asking for this.

    What about the other nine huh Overhype?

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