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    Hallo developers and community

    While looking into my steam game library I was surprised that I have played already more than 200 hours battle brothers in the last 3 months. As thanks for many hours of fun I want to give feedback to make the game maybe even better.

    First and foremost battle brothers is a great game and I enjoy it a huge deal! Naturally some aspects of the game are more responsible for the fun then others.

    The AI in battle is great! Enemies feel like real thinking being and not just some dead data thrown in your way. Sometimes it is so good that I have trouble to adjust my tactic. This is nice and it keeps me on my toes. Only one little change in the battle AI would be nice. It is regarding Orc berserkers. As I take it they should be more aggressive because they consumed those mushrooms. But they are not more aggressive. They just flank me 4 turn while letting the young orcs do the fighting. When that happens they don’t fell like berserkers. Rather they should jump at the nearest target and attack as soon as possible.

    The soundtrack is outright awesome! I just love it and even listen to it when not playing.

    The RNG system is also great. It makes every battle unique and fun. Only the battle log could be a bit more informative. Like showing the skill of the enemy vs. the defense of my brothers. Sometimes it feels that my brothers fight enemies that must have stats that are way higher than even good level 11 brothers. If I could see that they are just lucky or if they are the next achilleus than this would help a lot with immersion.

    The possibility to have good or bad relations with settlements and houses is great. It would be even better if their were a possibility to attain positive relations with raiders / orcs / goblins / necromancer. It would be fun to play the game as a rouge band of raiders, that sell the loot in raidercamps. Or to fight your way up in the orc society and take part in the greenskin invasion on the side of the orcs. Or to ally your band with necromancers and be able to recruit them to your band, build your own host of undead and fight other necromancers for supremacy. That would be awesome.

    About the scaling I am a bit divided. It is good that the game never becomes to easy. On the other hand the game feels less real, when suddenly there start to exist orc warriors, when their weren’t any before. Those sudden spikes in difficulty and the appearance of enemies make the game less immersing and fun for me. It would be way better if there were strong units still existing but only in their respective territories. So that in time, when the band gets stronger, than their could be contracts that send you there. As of now it feels like the game isn’t living in itself. It feels like the world resolves around the player company alone and there is nothing else going on.

    It is nice that their are end game crises. I like it the possibility of a big challenge to test your band. Only that right now the challenge is forced on to you, even when you are not quite ready, is not fun. It would feel better to trigger the crisis though some events, like raiding into greenskin territory and the invasion starts in retaliation. Or not defeating enough necromancers in a certain amount of time, so that they can associate and start the undead invasion. Or provoke the war between noble houses through certain missions, that make a settlement change sides and so start a war.

    The Perk and level up system is so good that I am always tempted to try different builds. It just takes a bit to long to reach level 11 to really try them all out. Maybe the leveling could be a bit faster But otherwise the system is fine.

    The possibility to trade goods and play the game as a trader is nice. It would be even better, when the status well supplied or raided caravans would be applied to settlements, when caravans that are going their way come through or get destroyed. If that happens their should be shifts in the prizing of goods in the whole world. If there is just one settlement that produces tools and this settlement get’s constantly raided than the prize for tools coul skyrocked and force the player to intervene or force a noble house to send troops to defend said settlement or to make another settlement start producing tools. It would be great if the economic system would be more alive.

    As always I tend to be a bit critical. It is because I like the game so much and I want to like it even more. What do you think about me suggestions? Do you have another opinion? Please feel free to share :)

    Best regards,

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