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    If you fight a battle together with militia/landsknechte, you only get the loot from the enemies you killed. I like that feature a lot from a roleplaying and a balancing perspective.

    However today I lured a challenging group of goblins onto a challenging inactive location (undead). In the following battle most goblins were slain by the Fallen Heroes and I killed the remaining undead. Leaving the battleground victorious I noticed the only loot I got were the weapons and shields of the six undead I killed and nothing from the goblins at all.

    I think in that situation I should get everything. The loot-sharing-rule should only be applied to friendly factions. If the looting process is part of the worldmap, which I heard will be overhauled, please consider that scenario.

    Greetings, T.

    Avatar photoRa

    Totally agree with that. Feels great to lure enemies in a 3 or even 4 way battle and kinda sad to only get some scraps in the end. Make loot cheaper if necessary for balance but let players choose from all the stuff left on the battlefield, maybe add a simple high to low price sorting option to simplify the looting process.

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    Changed it for the next update.

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