Topic: 90% of difficulty is picking fights

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    So, against my better judgement I decided to play iron man to experience iron man for myself. After many tries, I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the game’s difficulty seems to be centered around being able to recognize which fights to pick and which fights to run away from. And the game very often spawns wave after wave of enemy bands you are meant to run away from. Bands of 6-7 bandit raiders can be pretty tough to handle on day 3-10, but are as common as dirt.

    Anyway, most of the game’s difficulty hinges on picking and choosing the right fights and contracts. Agreed?

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    Yes and no. It’s big part of the difficulty, but there is other one, which is to properly manage your resources. Knowing whom to hire, what to buy and when is something which if you fail to manage properly, can ruin your game as much as a picking up a wrong fight.

    Moreover unless the first crisis you get is noble war (which you can ignore), you need to make sure that when greenskins or undead invade, you are ready to face them. It seems beginning of the crisis can be postponed if you develop at the slower pace, but it will eventually kick at about day 100. If you are still running around with most of your mercs being rookies, no good sergeant and raider class gear, you will have very hard time to handle crisis.

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    Don’t forget that you can use ally patrolling parties to your advantage, and take on better geared ennemies with their help. It’s a good way to
    make good armor and weapons, if you can kill steal : )

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