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    Three minor things I would find helpful:

    1- In the upper right corner of the world map, where you have options to lock onto your band and such, add a button that automatically pauses the game when an enemy is spotted. If you’re travelling on the road at night, especially near woods, you either have to slow the game down or risk not having time to react to an encounter.

    2- Have the game automatically pause when leaving a city. It’s especially annoying when you’re fleeing someone, duck into town for supplies, and get caught because the game runs for a second or two before you can tell the band to move.

    3- In more of the encounters where you have to choose whether to fight or not (bounty hunters, courier, etc), give the player the information on what the enemy unit consists of. If it’s an ambush, fine, keep it a secret, but if the bounty hunters are trying to intimidate me, I should be able to see what their group consists of and make my decision accordingly.

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