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    Just food for thought: so I’ve felt in some vague way that the Falcon is a little… off. I thought about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the impact the Falcon has on the game is as follows: player spends 900g to, for the rest of the campaign, know exactly who they will be fighting for any particular battle and to ‘spoil’ any particular surprises a battle encounter had to offer. UAV ONLINE.

    As I suggested with the bold white text in the Crisis victory event, I think the Falcon is another remnant of a time when BB was just a little more juvenile, a little simpler. I think the Falcon could be made a lot more interesting. You’ve shown with Blazing Deserts that y’all definitely have not run out of creative ideas for unique mechanics and interactions.

    Much love :D

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    I changed it for myself to make it a little more interesting. I shortened the range of vision it grants from 12 tiles to 5, bringing it more in line with the description of its ability (“Release the falcon to see over nearby obstacles” paraphrasing btw), and I’m going to allow to to be used twice in a battle. Maybe 3 times.

    This way, it stops just being this thing which effectively means you start every battle with +12 vision around you, and becomes something that you really want to have when fighting in a forest or swamp.

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