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    I was wondering if there is any differences in the chance for different types of ennemies to flee in a battle. I think it would be more realistic if humans would flee faster than orcs, and undead would never run from a battle. And within humans, thugs would have lower base morale than knights.
    It might be already the case (or will be in the future), but if that’s not I think it could be a good addition to this game.
    Knowing that you would fight a different way a group of zombis and a group of human bandits. Indeed, it could be much better against humans to lower the morale of your ennemies so maybe you would have a different strategy than against a group of relentless zombis.

    Another thing I quickly thought about is that we could have some kind of “in-battle event” when the ennemies’ morale is low and they demand surrender. As for other events, if you accept you could have a gain … but maybe your ennemies just wanted time to betray you, run for battle, or something like this.

    I hope this help,
    Thanks for your great work guys!

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    Yes, different types of enemies have different morale. Undead are entirely unaffected by morale.

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    Ok this is great, thanks for the answer ! :)

    I’ll try to adapt my strategies against different types of ennemies then !

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