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    I had a change to try out the game and it did look nice, I enjoyed the combat but still felt that many items and features are missing (mostly outside the combat, and most of them seem to be on the road map). Anyways, as of now I dont really feel like its worth 20 spacebucks as I have had some disappointment on early access games and their promises :(. I hope that the features come into the game and the game does get released in time with same quality, I just have to judge the current price by its current features and will wait bit longer before i will buy it, but it does seem promising and I wanted to wish you good luck!
    TLDR Good luck with the game, it looks great! Hopefully you finish it and keep up the quality, im sure more will buy the game when it has more features!

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    Early alpha it is doing a lot better than DayZ!

    no refunds.

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