Topic: ADD date of Death Timeline Please! Please!

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    I like that in the dead list there are some small stats IE length of time in the unit
    but there is no join date, so there is no timeline I would LOVE a timeline of my unit to see what happened to my guys.
    This would be SO easy to do, you already have the data :)
    add the coll em adjust the sort maybe mess with the spacing, so it fits but theirs room.

    I love to be able to see all my dead units as well but without a timeline whats the point? it’s not exactly interesting.
    Get me a timeline i can bug you about other stats latter :)

    you i’ll be asking about stuff like post life primary weapon: damage absorption ave dps ect. just how good was Jory the hero i thought was amazing…
    oooh he sucked :( oops… guess he shouldn’t have been the centrepiece of my attack or defence or my primary range guy ect.

    for now i just one that one little change that should only take one guy a couple hours to do
    i enven ruffed out a solution for ya :p

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