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    So I started like most do I guess, Beginner difficulty, Non iron-man. Great game, lots of fun, refreshing!
    Play up to day 170 or so, got a feel for the game, the hang of the mechanics, equipment, skills, tactics, quests, enemies, etc.
    Ran a few more campaigns like this and then, due to the ‘Loading screen’ tips, I started a game on Veteran Iron-man.

    Man oh man..
    Started several new campaigns, I usually get up to around day 120-140 then I just don’t seem to hack it anymore!
    Usually goes well, with the few odd setbacks, but get a few poor battles, lose some men and equipment and I don’t recover from that.
    (Does the game take this in account as well? Or does it just keep upping the difficulty regardless?)

    Anyway, this gets up to a point where I no longer enjoy the game, a personal thing I guess.
    I know there are hardcore guys out there who manage, really I do, I’m not saying its impossible.

    I guess I just feel the jump between ‘Beginner’ difficulty and ‘Veteran’ is too big.
    So please, add a difficulty mode in between, ‘Experienced’.
    I’ve seen the suggestion pop up over the forum so surely more folks would be done a pleasure by this.


    Avatar photoTaito

    Hallo Alkador

    The addition of a difficulty between beginner and veteran is a great idea! I also struggle a bit to hack it on veteran. The jump from beginner to veteran felt too step for me. So I second your suggestion!

    Best regards,

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    We need a difficulty easier than beginner. After killing the weasel guy, I keep dying after that on every mission I take. Either brigands kill me or all the contracts are skull or double skull. I can’t find any contracts that are within my range of experience. I literally go to like 5 or 6 towns in a row and none of them have contracts. This is fucking stupid.

    Avatar photokem

    I did some starovers and figuring out what to do… Now I need something more challenging than E/E/E ironman.

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