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    So my suggestion is to add Adventurers guild.It will be uniqe on all map, it can by in town or prafarably hidden special settlement somewhere in the world, what you must found yourself with special quest.
    It will have very rare special contracts, exclusively “rares shop” sometimes will sell even legendary artifacts for insane sums or something.
    Maybe it will have auction/black market where you can (for big amounts of money) order something special(and not runing like idiot around the world waiting for rares to spawn in some shop), be it merc with special skills or rare armor/weapon.And your order will be done within a month or alike.
    And maybe bank/storage for items.

    So idea behind this the place is such where you feel yourself like at home far away from those filthy all the same cities.


    I think it is a good idea, but it is too late for the coming release. Maybe in a possible addon.


    Actually I prefer not Adventurers but Mercenary Guild with monthly pay for membership, with list of all active (professional, those which also are guild members) mercenary bands list showing their renown and other fun features.

    Human Warlord

    Well your kinda right mercenary guild is more logical.

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