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    Hey, I was wondering if certain AI factions or enemies have damage or stat buffs? Like does a brigand leader do more damage than a brigand thug with equal gear.

    I’ve been wondering this for a while simply b/c its good information to know. Like recently I was fighting a brigand leader wielding a boar spear, and he smacked my guy in the chest destroying his 90/95 durability Leather Lamellar Armor and chunking off 32 hp as well. This kinda caught me by surprise as i didn’t think a boar spear could do that much damage in a single hit.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and any insight to this question!

    Avatar photoFlickering

    Noope, in BB, only thing that determin damage are gear and buff.

    Buff include :
    1.Killing frenzy .

    2.Rage for orc berserker can stack 5 times to 200% damage bonus.

    3.Poseesed for undead, about 25% damage bonus.

    I guess AI has no more damage modifier.

    Player can have,,

    killing frenzy


    drunkard trait

    brute trait

    Avatar photoNibblewerfer

    Nope, Flickering is just wrong, orcs have a straight boost to their damage on top of their weapons and I would hazard a guess that most higher level enemies do as well. The game designers would have to weigh in on this and it is incredibly rare for them to expose the “secrets” of the game, or how anything works in general truly a shame.

    Avatar photoFlickering

    Well, I guess you should attach an image of battle log to prove your concept.

    Actually the feeling orc have high damage only owe to their primitive stone age weapon.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Swordmaster gets duelist perk (extra armor ignore).
    Hedge knights sometimes come with famed weapons that have damage ups.
    Double grip also adds 25% so watch out when breaking leader’s shields.
    Orc Berserkers sometimes come with mushrooms that add 50%? dmg when consumed.
    I believe Hedge Knights also have Killing Frenzy and Berserk but i’m not 100% on that.

    I don’t think it’s possible to deal that much damage with a boar spear. Maybe 2 hits if he doesn’t wear a shield. That mount of damage is about as much as a polearm hit like a Long Axe or Billhook even Pikes and Hooked Blades shouldn’t do that much damage.

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