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    “His sulfur stained fingertips and unhealthy complexion give away this man’s profession just as much as the various flasks and vials he carries in an assortment of belts around his body. After his last patron lost his patience (and plenty of treasure) over repeated failures to turn lead into gold, it became time for a quick exit. A mercenary outfit seemed a better option than a lord’s dungeon”

    Introducing: The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    I think alchemy would fit splendidly into a low magic, dark fantasy setting. The alchemist should be a low health, high resolve character, with a good chance to get Bright as starting trait. The real value and risk of the character should be in relatively common events, which can help or hinder your company.


    “Captain, do you need these ghoul teeth anymore ? I might have an idea for them” … “A few hours later the alchemist hands you a few vials containing a foul looking substance”….”You can coat this on your weapons and arrows, but be really careful with it”…..*giggling madly your alchemist disappears back into his tent*


    You come across an angry mob of local peasants and farmers, armed with torches and pitchforks. “There he is, their leader shouts, he told us his potions would cure small pox, instead we had to bury three of our folk yesterday !!”.


    “Captain, you know it takes gold to make gold. I need certain rather costly tinctures, but the results would be splendid indeed…”.. *invest 1000 gold (90% chance to lose it, 10% chance to triple it)*


    “Captain…have you ever heard of the Philosopher’s Stone…..”


    And so on….just like the minstrel this would be a character adding a lot of flavor and events. Poison and gold making….countered by getting chased for being a charlatan and wasting your treasure. As well as a myriad of other stories and possibilities.

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    I like this idea and the way you have described it a lot.

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    Good idea

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    Liking this background idea a lot!

    Maybe Alchemists could be found in big settlements (were employed by a local lord) or in small ones with the Herbalist’s Grove building (were near a stable source of ingredients)?

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