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    Developers beware!
    I took the weekend off, but I have a new story for you all. It isn’t very long, but try to read it slowly and try looking between the lines. As I developed it in my head, I began feeling increasingly clever. Enjoy!

    Along the Road: Gorag Spear-shaker

    Marching up the road, you spot a large body in the ditch ahead.

    Pass it by. (End event)
    What could it be? (CTC: Click to continue)

    You have your men drag it onto the road for inspection. It’s an orc, and a large one at that. It wore no armor, and there were no weapons nearby. There was, however, white war paint all over its skin which meant that it was probably a berserker… Your thoughts are cut short as Edmund Eagle-eye (Random battle brother) spots something else in the ditch. It’s a small rugged sack that the orc used to carry his belongings. You have your men empty it on the ground to search for anything valuable. Inside are a few trinkets: a quartz rock, some herbs of various sorts, a boar’s tooth, and some stale crab cakes that it never got to finish. Then to your surprise, another bag falls out of the sack. You open the bag, which was made of luxurious velvet, and find the strangest things. There is a goose feather quill, a few leafs of parchment, and a small vial of ink.

    A literate orc? Inconceivable! (CTC)

    You look at the first sheet and discover that the orc didn’t get very far. There was just the title. At the top of the page in a heavy hand, these words are scrawled “The pen is mightier than the sword.” But judging by the extent of his wounds, he needed a bigger pen.

    Rest in pieces (Click to end vent)

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