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    I very much enjoy the game, but find those opponents difficult to enjoy.

    The problem is not difficulty, but tediousness and lack of fun.

    Alp: this is sluggish. Alps are spread out and spam those shadows next to my brothers. My archers are inadequate because it is nighttime and their melee sucks. Best way is to have a wardog on each brother to get more attacks per turn. Even then, running through all of the nightmares takes forever. There is no tactic, no thinking, just destroy them all, slowly, until I can reach each alp. An alternative to speed up the process would be to pick footwork on some high damage melee bros. Those are already perk-starved.
    Even the previous iteration with alps putting my bros to sleep felt faster and less tedious.

    Shrat: massive resilience and they try not to get surrounded, so it’s all about splitting the shield and doing as much damage as possible in one turn. Again, not much thinking is involved: just optimize the damage output on one target. This is a chore, it’s not exciting.

    Hex: I know I am going to fight and wound my own brothers, both with the charm and the curse, when the whole game taught me to protect my guys.
    What tools do I have against the charm? They cast it from a massive range and it is impossible to avoid reliably on all brothers. So I can use nets or bash my own brothers, while trying to get close. This is very risky and they are often accompanied by tanks (shrats or unholds).
    On those encounters, I play less while watching my bros go down. Preventing a player from playing is generally viewed as a flawed design.
    Maybe the charm range could go down to nets/throwing weapons or the hex could create a replica of the brother with the exact same stats?

    On the other hand, I find the spiders and unholds more exciting. Their fights are dynamic and there are more options/choices.

    I have yet to encounter a kraken.

    Sorry about the negative tone, I love the game and hope the devs keep working on it.

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    I entirely agree. Also I might add that the whole DLC accent on the beasts is too much concentrated making the new unique and strong ememies almost as ordinar as direwolfs. The bad thing is also the new contracts which offer hunting alps, lindwurms, shrats, hexes just like safari. This makes them less mysterious and ruins the common atmosphere of the game. Now you meet rare monsters often and near many villages and cities like raiders. I consider the right example is the way the Lindwurm DLC was created.

    Avatar photoKern

    I find myself trying to avoid most of the beasts from the DLC. They are tedious to fight and take away from the low magic feel of the game.

    Avatar photoBaine

    Please just delete alps from the game or completely overhaul them. I just had a complete wipe after 11 days because I got attacked by 3 alps at night, while camping right next to a big city.

    They took me apart before i could even reach one. I thought the changes would make the encounter easier, but it seemed just as bad as before the patch. Terrible encounter, feels always like i cant do shit against it. One miss on a ghost? GG bro.

    Avatar photovarow

    Alps become easier if you have at least 6 dogs. Unleash them all and nightmares wont be such a problem.

    Avatar photoBaine

    Alps become easier if you have at least 6 dogs. Unleash them all and nightmares wont be such a problem.

    That might be true, yet, as I stated this happened 10 days into the game so I did not have a single dog, because I did not expect to get ambushed liked that.

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