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    The way of acquisition of potions currently (One potion of each type per game) in combination with permanent debufs (no confident\less inventory space) creates following gameplay problems:

    1) the nature of one-off buffs in permaloss environment creates savescum incentives or pure zero risk approach.
    As every mutated bro loss leads to permanent power loss for the player with no way recoup.
    2) punishes experimentation and promotes careful build planning. It pushes player into predetermined optimized builds rather than fluid adaptation to current situation.
    As player wants maximum power on optimized lategame bros, that leaves most of the content unused on disposable bros (the ones you play thru 66% of the average ironman game). As one wants to delay mutation until appropriate bros and famed gear is available to create potent combos.
    3) amplifies BB power curve (makes a start a bit more difficult and endgame even more easy)
    4) it literally makes zero sense to do more than one battle with each target (to get a potion). I.e. hunting for specific target for build-enabler is nonexistent.
    As player incentivized to farm human gear instead (mercenaries \ camps) i.e. to do the usual gamepay routine.
    In comparison with beasthunters player actively hunts beasts to keep boost his power level with consumables, wich is major diversion from the usual game.
    5) interactions with surgeon\alchemist is lost

    1) make potions at least replaceable. (if effect\potion is lost to the company at the moment)
    2) create the incentive to actively and constantly hunt non_humans.
    To get an option to get power from mutations and not solely from the best human gear.
    For example by making tiers of mutations. (major is limited to one at a time, minor are farmable)

    Avatar photoHarlath

    The potions are already replaceable if the brother who drank it dies/leaves (with the natural exception of potions for foes only present in one fight). Hope this helps! :)

    Avatar photogrimaldi

    I mostly agree that the “fun” of this origin is tracking down new enemies for a unique and rare reward, so as you collect everything, some of that is lost. In keeping with that spirit, maybe you could get potions with very minor, random effects from killing elite enemies? It fits the anatomist theme, as the elites are exceptional individuals they’d want to study. Game-mechanic-wise, elites drop named items which provide a slight, unique, random boost to parties, so give the anatomists an extra little perk and incentive to hunt them?

    Ultimately, yes, it would probably let some parties get extra powerful if they go beyond 300 days or something, but for the core game and most players, it would be fine.

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