Topic: Archer considered “In Melee” even after “Knocking Back” the enemy

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    1. Problem Description:
    (a) An enemy entered into melee with my archer. I used another brother with shield to knock back the enemy. But on my archer’s turn my archer was still considered in melee.
    (b) I moved my archer away into another hex and the “In Melee” status went away. But when moving back into the older hex the “In Melee” status came back! Even though the enemy had been moved out of that hex by the knock back.



    2. Reproducible? I have not tried.
    3. Screenshots attached via Dropbox because somehow the “Add another file” is not working for me.
    4. dx.diag attached via Dropbox too.
    5. Battle Brothers log not attached because I restarted the game.
    6. Save not available as this was in a battle.

    The Dropbox links will be available for a few days.

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