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    I think it would be very interesting and certainly entertaining to be able to set up custom battles in an “Arena” mode where you can pit A.I. controlled combatants against each other. E.G. – An Orc pack vs. an Unhold+some Webknechts, or Ancient Undead+Goblin Ambushers vs. Hexe+Bounty Hunters. Deathmatch or team deathmatch, 1 vs. 2, whole armies vs. armies, or any combination thereof. You could choose the terrain, weather, and day/night, or randomize any or all of the variables. Just imagine the carnage.. er I mean the opportunity to observe the A.I.

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    What the point? I think setupping 3-4 way brawls in ordinary campaign work the same AND gives you fames items on top of that.

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