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    So my fellow brothers today i teach you how to undress if you know who i mean…. from their armor!
    The more experienced brothers i belive already know how to do it but for those of more nevbie brothers i will tell how to loot armor from your enemies without destroing it.

    So for succesful looting you need this things
    1-Enemy in more or less decend armor (it depends on your own decision and wealth). Most common and best targets are such – bandit leaders, hedge knights(full plates that they wearing sometimes, cost alot more then contracts for them), and other humans (prefarably), but sometimes it can be even undead be it sceletons or “fresh” kind of them.
    2-Daggers with puncture attack.
    3-Nets (alot) for target immobilization.

    So now i tell you what to do on the batlefield where you fall in love with those lovely full plates and shiny scales!
    First we need to kill as much enemies as posible so they will not interfere in our business, then we need to surround our target, the more the better! And dont forgot that the target can try to run from us (because of panic or shortage of companions) so dont let them die to fast!
    Then it goes in two directions-
    1-Target in panic- This is wery good outcome! But be careful and unequip all your weapons as fast as you can, so your men will not chop to pieces the target (destroing armor in process) but will harmlessly use their fists.Then brother with dagger (prefarably with best mele skill too) will use puncture attack to painlessly kill the target without damaging armor.
    2-Target not in panic- This is dangerous outcome in some cases but if you have nomerous advantage its alright.First we need to cath the target in nets and second
    sorround it from all sides! If target have shield destroy it (longaxes will help).Then use dagger with puncture attack like in first case. Be especially careful with enemies equipped with hammers and two handed weapons! And remember to have brothers with rotation skill to swith with diying brothers if needed.

    Here how it looks in practice-

    Puncture attack-

    And here his armor!

    Alternative methods-
    1-Choping head- this method can be wery useful with some weapons (flail head strike attack) but in most cases target will panic and run killing itself and armor in the process so this is not recommended.
    2-Crosbow- not the best method (risky possibility of destroing armor) but potently useful in critical situations where target is to violent to use dagger tactics.

    Saddly somethimes armor and all items target wore strangely dissapearing after death (random loot restriction rule made by devs where some percent of dead bodies simply dont drop anithing).But dont cry and just hope for another time!

    Saccesful loot hunt brothers!

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    once i wanted to undress a honor guard gently, but i failed, along with my mercenary band. sad story.

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