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    This is a list of the kind of stuff i would like to see added to this game. Some of these may be repeats of others, but I can assure you that is a coincidence.

    1. The New Factions that i have spoken more about in my earlier threads.
    2. The “Strongholds” suggestion I have spoken about in my first suggestion. (I have since played the game and I think it would be a good addition to it)
    3. Make Religion more prominent, having different religions for your companions might make conflicts, ie. a stubborn religious nobleman is arguing his views with a peasant who believes in the old gods, asks you to settle it, pick a side, or just let them deal with it themselves.
    4. As of right now I don’t see a very big difference in the crossbows, crossbows should be more effective against armor, and do more damage, but a bow has a longer range. Also crossbows should be heavier than they are now, I am thinking 12 fatigue.
    5. I have not seen many throwing weapons, such as throwing daggers, war darts, or stuff like that, that I would like to see. (I have seen javelins, and I am liking em them)
    6. More Armor and Weapons, a couple examples here:

    – Studded Leather Armor, 85 durability, 10 fatigue, worth 100——- Longsword, 1 handed, 35-45, 8 fatigue, worth 250, vs armor: 80%, durability: 30
    – Hide Armor, 60 durability, 6 fatigue, worth 50————————— Poleaxe, 2 handed, 60-80, 12 fatigue, worth 400, 150% against armor, dur.: 50, strike 2 away
    – Splint Mail, 150 durability, 16 fat., worth 300—————————- Battleaxe, 2 handed, 80-100, 16 fat., worth 500, 175% against armor, dur: 50
    – Orcish Mail, 180 durability, 20 Fat., worth 500————————– Longbow, 60-80, 12 fat. 20 fat. for use, range: 8, skill: Longshot (range +1,-20% to hit,ap:4) worth 300

    7. Alchemist I am taking a different approach, making him more like an archer, with items such as Greek fire, or a smoke bomb.

    -Greek Fire: 60-80, thrown weapon, fat. 4, skill: (10 fat.4 ap,) Flame Throw, (simple throw) 50% against armor, range : 4, worth: 200, comes in bundles of 6.
    -Smoke bomb: no damage, thrown, fat. 4, skill: (10 fat. 4 ap,) Smoke Screen, (the 6 hexes infront of the user cannot be seen threw, not hard to walk through, however. It is used to get the merc out of combat. 0% against armor, range: 1, worth 300, comes in bundles of 2.
    -Quicklime: (calcium oxide) no dmg, thrown, fat. 4, skill: (10 fat. 4 ap,) Blind, range: 4, (if it hits it blinds them, making them easier to hit, and making their hits harder to make), lasts for 2 rounds, 0% against armor, worth 300, comes in bundles of 3.

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    I like you’re stronghold suggestion and was thinking about it. Mercenaries tend to be very roam-heavy. So if not a stronghold I could see some kind of upgrade-able baggage train/ camp.

    Due to the decent amount of flavour text on stuff like the flagellant and the monk I can see religion getting more added to it (maybe a cthuluesque old god enemy faction?)

    I’m not really a fan of the Alchemist because it seems kind too fantasy for the girtty theme of the battle brothers, I could potentially see another faction using it though!

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