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    So I’ve been thinking for a while now about background specific abilities. I think it could be a pretty cool thing to add, as long as it was balanced right. For example:

    Houndmaster – Recall Dog – Call your dog back to it’s master
    Lumberjack – Chop Tree – Remove a tree from the map in melee range, with high fatigue cost
    Poacher – Hunt – Kill a wild animal in the forest (world map) to increase supplies
    Hunter – As above but with a higher chance
    Mason – Prospect – Try to find uncut gems whilst in mountains (world map) – failure could lead to injury or lower morale

    That sort of thing.

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    Looks like you are new player. About world map – there are a lot of special events which fire if you have a bro with right background. Poachers and hunters can give you a food supplies, but not by pressing a button, just randomly. Also houndmaster can get a wolf pet and so on.

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