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    I was thinking of a new game mode, a one where you are not the hero, you are the villain. You are the bandit leader, moving your bandits, collecting the loot, the only difference, you are against the mercs. The party would start out with, lets say, eight bandits, and you have to attack caravans, and mercenaries, to get new loot. There is no need for gold other than upgrading your bandit stronghold you start with, (if my strongholds suggestion is implemented) and to bribe guards of castles and towers that you are to weak to face. So to sum this up, you start out with 8 Bandits, you can customize their starting gear with what early level bandits would have. The end of this new mode would be when, after the mercs defeat the “final enemy,” you must defeat them. The max group would be 12, as with the mercs, but you could position your warriors to attack the mercs/guards/caravans/villages/castles/towns you attack.

    Expansion on the bandit stronghold: Here is a list of the things you can do with your bandit stronghold

    1. You can name it whatever you want, character limit 50
    2. You train bandits here, and this is where they start. Your bandits must go back there to pick up more bandits. Mercs could track your bandits back to there, however, so make sure you are not being followed.
    3. The improvements that can be bought are listed here:

    – Bandit Training, you start with this
    – Improved Bandit Training, Your bandits can start with better weapons and armors. Training costs reduced by 25%(2000 gold)
    – Advanced Bandit Training, Your bandits start with the best gear they can start with. Training costs reduced by an additional 25% (5000 gold)
    – Bandit Garrison, you start with this, it allows you to garrison a maximum of 20 bandits (10 max per line of defense)
    – Bandit Garrison II, Maximum of 40 can be garrisoned (10 per line of defense) (2000 gold)
    – Bandit Garrison III, Maximum of 60 can be garrisoned, (12 per line of defense) (5000 gold)
    – Stronghold. The 1st and 2nd places to defend in the bandit stronghold. You start with this.
    – Stronghold Expantion 1. Make the 3rd addition onto the stronghold where more bandits can defend. (5000 gold)
    – Stronghold Expantion 2. Make the 4th addition onto the stronghold where more bandits can defend. (5000 gold)
    – Bandit Fortress 3. Improve the bandit stronghold to 5 Places to defend, the last one, is where you are. (the one added) (10000 gold)

    Bandit Leader- (custom name) Level 12 (or whatever the max is) (custom perks) The best gear + a legendary item of choice. He cannot leave the stronghold.

    There is one way to lose, and that is the following:
    -your hidden bandit stronghold is discovered, and is wiped out by the mercs. At that point it is game over.

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    I agree with this. I put a smaller, similar post above this one without knowing this post was here. You have way more detail than I do, and I think this evil side would be a fun way to play.

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    Not a bad idea,but hard and long to do…Maybe worth to do this later…someday…

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    And besides,there must be second faction on the world map,so game for BB would be more interesting.

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