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    Hi, every time I begin a fight with Bandit Raiders or Bandit Thugs something always happen:

    The enemy does an aimed shot and get to stick his stupid arrow in my heavy weapon guy.
    I tried to reload to see if it’s just a bug or something else, but no: whatever I do the first shot always hit…

    My zweihänder guy always get shot at, as he got an heavy armor it’s not that annoying but when you get hit by an arbalest it tends to hurt a lot ^^

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    It cant be true because ive had many many cases when my one handed or two handed guys were shot at and not hit with first arrow/bolt.

    Probably just confirmation bias.

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    I’ll admit it’s probably my bias, but it seems that the enemies *always* seem to hit that “impossible” shot at your most important guy! I’m sure that part of it is that the AI looks to see the best hit % vs. benefit. HOWEVER, it very much seems that the AI is blessed w/ “magic arrows”. ;-)

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