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    I want to provide a short backstory for the changes/features I am suggesting:

    Recently I tried to set myself a new challange by trying to play the game as a “lone bandit”.
    – Starting origin “Lone Wolf”
    – no friendly interaction with any towns/fortifications (buying/selling/hiering/training/crafting/etc.)
    – Hiering new recruits via events is allowed

    So I started by raiding innocent peasants and poorly protected caravans. Shortly after, I found myself with hostile relations to all towns and noble houses (of course). While the start was a lot of fun and also quite challenging, I realized that there is no real future for a playstyle like this right now.
    “Tools and Supplies” aswell as “Medical Supplies” could only be gathered by raiding caravans and killing bandits (and even then I looted very small numbers)
    All the items (gear, valuables, etc.) that I found were pretty much useless. You obviously can’t sell them and in addition to that you can’t even destroy them.

    I then asked myself what changes would be needed in order to support such a playstyle…
    … and here we are with the suggestions:

    1) Add a “scrap” functionality for certain item types (especially weapons and armor)
    – by scrapping an item you should have a chance of receiving “Tools and Supplies” and
    maybe a very small chance of receiving “low tier” trade goods (e.g. cloth rolls)
    2) Add either traveling merchants and/or 1-2 unique merchant locations to the map that are out in the wild with no related human faction.
    – these merchants or merchant locations could then be used to sell your trade goods or maybe even stock up for future raids
    – prices from these merchants should be significantly worse for the player then in “normal” faction location
    – these merchants could also rarely sell famed items?
    3) Add new events that could only trigger in case you are hostile with all human factions, e.g.:
    – bandits/barbarians/murders that want to join your cause?
    – a mysterious person offering you medical supplies for gold?
    – etc.
    4) Add unique ambitions that are only offered in case you are hostile with all human factions, e.g.:
    – successfully raid a supply caravan
    – win a battle against a noble army
    – etc.

    I think that especially the 1) point wouldn’t be too much effort to add to the game and could make such a playstyle already much more enjoyable.

    Let me know what you think and if someone of you made a similar experience.

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