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    I realy miss any kind of flags or banners as equipment. It would be great to level up one guy up to the standard carrier.
    There could be different flags and banners.. give group-bonuses to different skills. This could be one more strategic component in game.
    And it would look great on the battlefield.

    A group of Battle Brothers need to carry there banner to batte!! (i think) :)

    Avatar photoAtheist

    i am thinking that this would raise morale of the other troops? cool suggestion.

    Ask me about your God

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    …and if the banner carrier dies, people take huge morale hit.

    Avatar photoMiloq

    i would really like to see morale boosting equipment in BB (other than the magic/unique items i mean) a banner would fit really well, it could be a two handed item with poor durability and a poor damage (and a push ability like the pike) or as offhand item with high fatigue and initiative malus, i like the idea of the morale hit if the carrier dies, but such debuff should be halved, or completely removed if another brother picks it up from the dead one.

    also battle drums!

    Avatar photoMoqeek

    I like the idea of a standard bearer. I do not think you need to make it a weapon though as who ever holds it will probable stay at the back out of trouble. It would also add an element of tactical choice do I bring my standard onto the field to boast morale or do I bring an extra spearman to the battle?

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