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    Hey Guys!

    I am fairly new to the game and I try to make my Barbarian starters viable. I try to make my build viable, and would hope for some advice…
    In my eyes, barbarians treat high mobility for low armor. Histricaly, barbaric cultures only could do this by using shields as well…

    So my perks would look like that:
    Adrenaline – mostly for flavour, I think Recover or Pathfinder would also work
    Dodge – for this i try to get high INI
    Shield Mastery – Not getting hit is very important for this to work
    Relentless – needed because of dodge…
    Weapon Mastery – start with 3 Barbs, like to give everyone a different weapon
    Overwhelm – I dont want to get hit
    Lone Wolf – with the defense stacking, this might be very effective
    Underdog – must have for using lone wolf i guess
    Nimble – to ensure that one lucky hit is not always the end
    Fearsome – i like the idea of a shock troop, maybe an other perk would be better?

    I try to max the already very good INI from the barbarians, MeeleAT and defenses are important, and I would give at least some points in Res, HP and Fat.

    Would this be a viable try, or is dodge + nimble more for 2 Handed fighter & duelists

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    Lonewolf works only for distant bros – 3 tiles away. And they die alone in 99% cases especially with low resolve. Recover is obligatory for everyone if you want to fight more than 12 enemies. Without 2H fighters you will not be able to kill high armored enemies.

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