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    I think it is gamebreaking bug.
    There is a Hedge knight in bandits party, i see such unit at firs time, maybe that is the problem.
    Error occcurrs:
    critical exception

    + Function.onHide() – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:495

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    I can attack them by myself, but when they attack me and a supply caravan – game freeze.
    Here is another savegame, before the encounter.
    Cannot atack them with a supply train and cannot intervene into their fight with a caravan. It seems caravan is the problem. In previous battle i intervened into fight between orcs and another bandits group on 6.0.14 and it started ok. I withdrew from that battle.

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    Yours are called White Wolves too? Damn I should have paid for that trademark xD

    I have the same problem, when getting into a fight between a caravan and raiders.


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    I chose from shields in game. White horse on green field pretty good too.
    Thanks a lot.

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    battle don’t start at quest location

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