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    If we could save a set up and apply it with a quick button it would be really awesome. Such as, with a quick button to save a set up, icluding bros, positions, items etc to few set up slots and then change the team with a quick click from saved ones. It is pain to change numerous items if the combat style would change. There are some combats that wants completely different set ups and we occasionally encounter them on the close proximity in the map. You see few scracthes or goblins while you are in a journey to plunder some orc camps and you need to switch too many items just to kill some goblin party, then you change lots of things back again the time you find a berserker camp. Especially in a beastslayer campaing this is bothersome. You run into hexens while around goblins and then webnecks…all can be done with different set ups very easily, which beastslayers can have a nice stock of armors due too having a lot of armor enchantmetns. I think it can be implemented easily too. Thanks.

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