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    Hey everyone,

    Over the last few months I’ve been developing a new tool for planning out builds, called BBPlanner. I’ve really enjoyed using it in my latest run, and now it’s ready for you to use in Blazing Deserts!

    My inspiration clearly comes from the excellent tumult tool, which I’ve used for years. My goal with this was to keep all the great things from this tool, but to add a bunch of new features that I hope the community will find very useful. New features include:

    • The ability to name your build!
    • The ability to save a build to your local storage (complete with auto-updating whenever changes are made)
    • A list of builds that you’ve saved, letting you navigate to all of your company’s builds from within a single tab
    • The URL is shareable just like the tumult tool, but it uses base64 compression to keep the url shorter
    • A Revamped Perk Planner, with animations and better accessibility
    • A “Remaining Perks” counter (which works with student)
    • A Stat Forecaster, which estimates the max stats a character would have at level 11
    • A Loadout tool, where you can pick equipment for each build–complete with item search and graphics (soon to be updated with Blazing Deserts items!)
    • Links to other community resources (please let me know if you think something else should be here!)
    • Theming for each expansion (upper right corner)
    • Mobile-ready responsive design
    • Updated perk descriptions for Blazing Deserts

    If you have ideas of what else I could add, definitely let me know. Even silly ideas are great! So far my plans include:

    • A Formation plan, letting you indicate where in the formation a build would go (and/or letting you organize your saved builds into your formation)
    • A “Target Stats” capability, where you can specify a target for each stat that the build requires
    • A “build notes” field
    • Optional Perks, to indicate which perks are flexible

    I’ve really enjoyed building BBPlanner, and I hope you find it helpful in your Blazing Deserts runs!

    Avatar photounislash

    After a few late nights I’ve updated the loadout section of with all of the equipment from Blazing Deserts. Your previous loadout selections should be unaffected, but feel free to swap that Warscythe out for a Swordlance asap.

    Additionally, the Loadout section now sports a fancy tooltip for every single item. It contains most of the stats that you’d see in-game, complete with game iconography. I hope it’s helpful to your build planning!

    Next on my list are some tools to help answer the questions of “is this recruit good?” and “is this named item good?” I am constantly looking up backgrounds and item stats as I play to answer these two questions, so I figure maybe there’s something handy I can make to help answer them.

    As always, if you have any feedback, bugs, or ideas, I wanna hear it. Enjoy!

    Avatar photoStaal

    Hi, do you think it is possible to put in a driver for the number of level ups per attribute and then it uses the average roll to estimate the final? As opposed to assuming x10 level ups for all.

    Avatar photounislash

    Ah, interesting suggestion. Yea I might be able to do that. It looks like there’s enough space on the right side of the stat bars to fit something like that in, and I figure that people might want to set up a more “tailored” forecast. I’ll add it to my todo list!

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