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    – Alps: Annoying gameplay against multiple alps (3+). Real pain is when you fight them in multiple level enviroment or forest. Atleast :wake ally: should not be limited to adjacent terrain levels – I find myself unable to wake multiple ally in this enviroment from round 1. It would be nice if Alps are always packed with other enemies, I fought them occassionaly paired with Nachzehrers. Maybe paranoid trait could get some bonus/malus when fighting Alps.

    – Hexes: Eunuch background should be completly immune to charm. Monk and Witchhunter should be untargetable by Hex. Hexes, similar to Alps, should be few in number packed with other more direct enemies.

    – Taxidermist: List of craftable items is poorly arranged. Making colors from ingredients seems useless to me, when you can buy it. Morever, these color cosmetics should be free of charge (maybe available in Barber shop). Color recepies also create more chaos in the list. I would prefer selecting 1 ingredient and it will show you all possible recepies from that ingredient – it would be better.

    – Webknecht: If you completly crush them in first 2 rounds, they start to retreat, however eggs limit end of battle, so you have to play 2+ rounds to finaly crush them. Its annoying in the forest map. If they start to retreat, the option to end battle should be possible. Fisherman and ratcatcher background should have better chances to break through nets.

    – Quests: There are just too many deliver cargo / caravan / explore quests. Can you limit rate of these quests? Its annoying to travel multiple villages just to find out they only need a liftboy… I like twists in some quests (f.e. necromancer in thief quests), I dont mind they repeat time to time, maybe some new twists in old quest could be added for variety (f.e. simple one > Hexe instead of necromancer).

    – Items: Found first fencing sword by the vendor in 150th day. Never saw it on the enemies (war crisis already passed). The Three-Headed Flail the same.

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