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    Is it just me, or are Beastmasters completely pointless in their current incarnation.

    1.) They are pretty much always out of range of most of your ranged weapons.
    2.) Even if you run some archers forward they can easily tank multiple shots.
    3.) Being able to take them out in melee happens very late in a battle.

    The result is that it is pretty much impossible to have armored Unholds go berserk unless you bend over backwards or if they randomly go berserk in ´the first turn (not sure if that is a bug or not).
    If you actually go for that anyway, you will end up with many battle brothers completely out of position and you get wrecked by the Unholds anyway.

    You obviously designed Armored Unholds as tough opponents with Beastmasters being their weakness, but right now going after Beastmasters will always put you at a disadvantage

    I love the idea behind them but currently you might just as well have armored Unholds be prevented from going berserk and you would end up with the same result in every battle.

    Is there something obvious I am missing or is there an update planned for them?

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    1.) Give Beastmasters a shorter range so the player can actually interact with them in a meaningful way.


    2.) Make Beastmasters easier to kill


    3.) Give Armored Unholds the ability to go berserk when their leadership drops (and kick out Beastmasters entirely).

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