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    To keep it with the scope of the next DLC: What could add some “glue” or flavor to make this Beast DLC a real addition to the “Battle bro” universe more than another crisis? ^^

    The beasts would probably not make a full-scale end-game crisis. After all, they do not seek for the conquest or destruction of settlements. Yes, they bother peasants, caravans and remote settlements, but it’s more because they are meat predators and need ressources, not really a conquest plan.

    But something is changing. The beasts theses times seem to multiply, and some mens says they see differents species goes along! And terrific stories of dark witches rituals of fornicating with beasts under old païan idols in the woods! Ah! Maybe it’s just drunk peasants stories.

    Anyway, tavers rumors relate an increasing in “strange” beast bands roaming and related contracts could make for it. And if not taken care, could isolate some settlements for a time, until the witches and beasts mind their business, be it a revenge again a local noble or fight for power again another witch or something. But it remain a local “mini-crisis” rather than full-scale end-game one.

    Probably nothing that you have’nt already thinked of for this DLC, but more than just some remote locations and beast waiting for a roaming mercenary band: a real “beasts and/or witches mini-crisis” (whit lore – the witches know many things in theses old times: stories of unlegitimates nobles infants avorted in remote hovel the woods by an old woman… ) but also contracts, and multiple beasts tactics associated could really make for a full-scale DLC and add more deep to the beasts.

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