Topic: Beta at Veteran seems unbalanced. Please, raise mission rewards

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    I’m playing a campaign at veteran level and I losed 3 men (not important men) in 8 battles, finished some level 1 missions and trading cloths, but money is constantly decreasing because I must afford food, heal wounds, pay wages and repairing gear. I think I’m playing well but the lack of money and the impossibility of buying better gear is forcing me to restart a new campaign at normal level. In this case I can’t say the campaign is sandbox because continually I’m forced to trade and perform low level missions. No time for exploring or do whatever I want. I note that money reward for finishing a mission is terribly low. A fast solution should be raising the rewards for completing missions.

    Last time I played (april 2016), I played a campaign at normal dificulty and money was well balanced.

    Anyway, BB is a masterpiece. Keep up the good work

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    It will be OKish when your company hit decent strength. Just capable to do 1-2 star contracts asap and without heavy losses in a full squad with some reserve. 3 men in 8 battles? In first battles your men are hobos (and without a shotgun). It is a very good casualty rate.

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