Topic: Beta Bugs and (Short) First Impressions

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    Hi friends,

    So here are the bugs in bullet point without evidence (it was 1 a.m. when I got around to it last night):

    1) No screenie, but on a mission to eradicate a bandit hideout when I killed the bandit leader he stayed alive, his weapon shattered and there was no way to end the battle (even retreat would not work). Have savegame will try to reproduce it.

    2) Very minor bug, but items are not sorting correctly… every time I click sort they come out differently

    3) Arrow quivers are not re-filling in inventory, and on one or two occassions when equipped by character despite there being ammo. Will try to reproduce.

    4) This is from before the UI beta: locations spawn exactly where you just took one out a day or two before… feels artificial & locations spawn in unreachable locations (like islands) and have missions attached.

    Here are first impressions:

    1) Lovely to have the expanded rosters! – although perhaps some graphics genius is needed to explain the formation options
    2) I am sorry I still don’t like the brown – I am a father of twins so I change a lot of diapers if you know what I mean :p Could we not do a bit more black granit or light granit for instance? Stone is better than wood? Metal would be best if you want the accurate element.
    3) The caravan travel is good, but it will definitely need events not to feel too scripted.
    4) The battle preview flags are beautiful! So are a lot of the other artwork changes!

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    I have another 2 bugs.

    While fighting undead the turn froze on this ghoul (image attached)

    Also: Several times destroyed weapons still appear in hands (waiting for next screen).

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    Here is the “dead man walking” bug in a screeny – the middle screen bandit is completely dead but still going… the battle will not be able to end in any way

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    If you have save games for reproducable bugs send them here:

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    It looks like a database read error because if I save and start over the bug is not guaranteed

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