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    Three things worth mentioning so far.

    First, mousewheel scrolling through the inventory is overly sensitive. Scrolling up takes you to the top and scrolling down seems to take you all the way to the bottom. To see things in the middle, you have to manually drag the viewer bar up and down.

    Second, I got into a fight with ghouls where I couldn’t see my opponents. And all of my troops, including the 4 who are in reserve were deployed to the battlefield.

    Third, I took a one skull Armed Courier mission. The idea was to train up the five level 1 newbies I had recently picked up. And I ended up fighting an army of mercenaries. Now the fight was challenging and cool. However, it really wasn’t a one skull mission. Not sure if the missions are scaled depending on your group’s level and armaments. If they are, this mission was definitely taking into consideration my collective strength (including the five level 11s in reserve) and not my deployed strength.


    Unrelated to the UI, it would be great if you could increase the number of tools available for sale, increase their effectiveness or both. If you have 11 troops in full plate, an extended fight can nearly exhaust a full stack of 200 tools.

    Also, if you could increase the inventory size, that would be appreciated as well. Admittedly, mine is half full because I’m holding treasures instead of selling them so my troops don’t constantly ask for raises. But since you are increasing the number of mercenaries by more than half, increasing the inventory size for the group might be appropriate.

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    Also, if you sell more Heater Shields. They are best for melee defense but Orcs have a bad habit of chopping them in half.

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    As far as the 1 skull mission, be aware that the number of skulls are a general guide, and not an absolute guarantee. The Merc ambush, for instance, is a random event that can happen on any delivery mission, regardless of skulls. You may also get a one skull orc camp mission only to find you’re facing a Warlord and an army of Warriors, rather than Young Orcs and maybe a Berserker.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

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    Having the problem of whenever I am editing names (company and brothers) once I hit backspace, it clears the entire entry as if i had . Can be somewhat annoying when I just hit one wrong key and have to retype everything. Arrow keys also shift the entire length, as if end or home keys were pressed. Guessing it’s reading a keystroke multiple times really quickly?

    Do love the new UI though.

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