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    This is more of a question to developers then to community, but any help is appreciated ;)
    So to the point I’m now helping with adding content to Battle Brothers wikia and my focus is on uniques\blues for now. I know that they can have different names and stats(being similar in looks) no matter if they are dropped or bought. So I wanted to know does they have some exact range of stats and it’s rolled every time when item is generated in the world. Or they are tight to there names and for instance if I find Bloodspiller it will always have 102% ARP and Well-Carfted Mercy 104% ARP (I have this two on my saves and they have identical look so that’s why I chosen this names)?

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    I like to see that people take their time to write such detailed content! Keep that up!
    Related to the subject: I don’t think the stats are related to the name but reather to the look of the weapon/shield
    To give you an example, I had 2 orc warrior shields. Both looked the same, but one had 20 MDef, 15 RDef and 14 Fatigue, the other one had 19 MDef, 15 RDef and 13 Fatigue… The point is that they were named totally different… It’s just a theory…

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    I’ve got an answer on the discussion thread in steam, so I’d quote it here so this topic could be closed

    They are generated randomly within certain stat ranges. However, the way it is done now they actually have a chance of not really being better than a normal weapon – just more fancy. We will most likely tune this a bit to make sure they are always better than regular weapons.

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