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    Hi. Some of people tried to play “rogue’s” way in BB. Living by robbing the caravans, peasants and so on. But with this way you won’t last long, because you won’t be able to get new recruits, heal and etc. So, why not make such “Brigand” way possible to play out by making something like large brigand camp protected by 30-40 brigands and hidden somewhere on the map, maybe deep in the woods. And it can be used same as regular city if you have proper “reputation”, so, you can buy some food and equipment there, and hire some thugs for your band, and maybe wait for some cities to become neutral to you or play your thugs life on if you want. =)

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    +1 a really nice idea

    The “city” is probably a tad too much work for now for the devs, but it’d be really nice if we could elect to interact with established bandit camps in a non-violent way – at the very least as trading posts and recruitment points

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    Damn I would love that.

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