Topic: Brothers not randomly generated?

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    In last gameplay I confirmed what I thought in previous gameplays: the same warriors are avaiable to recruit in different gameplays (and different maps/seeds)

    I remember Alvar the Artisan and Ernst the Brawler to be important in my group. After finishing this gameplay I start another (always different map) and both brothers appear in one citadel ready to be recruited, with same faces and skills.

    I like BB feature to make you attached to your brothers, but I don’t like to see a fallen brother to be avaiable in another campaign.

    Have you experienced the same?

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    I haven’t experienced that. however you will find many recruits with the same name because of how the name generates them. Talents, base stats and traits are randomly generated when they first appear in a town as far as I know.
    I don’t know about their appearance but I would assume it is also randomly generated.

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    Well, there’s a finite number of possible combinations of appearance and names.

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