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    Enjoying your masterpiece exorbitantly, and it is rare I encounter anything out of the ordinary.

    I made a public photo showing how an attack on an auxiliary was calculated. I could be wrong, but if the rules applied to flails are enforced should it not be shown in the log? If so then, we can see clearly, that my chance to hit is in the 20’s which can not be right if the rules are applied.

    It cost me the game litterally, so it was a bit demoralizing to say the least.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the persian vibe..

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    Can you do a better job of explaining your question?

    "A plethora of peasents"

    Avatar photoJCSato

    So, it’s pretty impossible to determine if this is a bug without seeing the log, the stats of the brother in question, and more detail around the sequence of events in the battle. A couple reasons you might have seen the chance you did, though:

    – Elevation affects chance to-hit: if the auxiliary was above your brother, that’s a flat -10% chance to hit
    – Without Flail Mastery, flails ignore the shield defense bonus but not the Shieldwall bonus. If the Auxiliary in question had Shieldwall active, you would have seen a decrease in chance to hit.
    – The number of friendly brothers immediately adjacent to a target increases a brother’s chance to hit (a flat +5% per adjacent brother). That might have also affected your chance.
    – Lastly, although I don’t think it was at play here, but Morale affects (among other stats) Melee skill – if your brother goes down to wavering or breaking morale, he will see a lower chance to hit (due to his lower melee skill). Again, from the log it looks like there wasn’t a morale chance that affected things.

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