Topic: BUG: “Auto-End-Turn” pop-up conflict with “The Enemy Retreats” Pop-up

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    If I click [Auto End Turn] button right before winning a battle(left only 1 or 2 brothers’ turn to skip), right after this [Auto End Turn] pop-up close a new [The Enemy Retreats] pop-up will appear, but this appeared new pop-up will have its both buttons(“continue” and “it’s over”) unable to be interacted with.

    The rest of UI can still be clicked. So I click the white flag button on top right corner, and then “continue” and “it’s over” buttons can be clicked again. but when I click “it’s over”, the current pop-up disappear, the camera zone-out and ui disappear, but the game “freeze” again.

    It happened two times(the first time I simply alt F4 after the first “freeze”, the second time I find out that I could click the white flag and choosed “its over”) in different saves with no mod ever installed to the game. I see no reason to upload my save because the save was saved before the battle and the only way to recreate the bug is to do what I mentioned above.

    So to make sure you can recreate the bug, start just any fight, when the enemy are retreating, make sure one of your lowest initiative brother was waited and be the last character in this round to end his turn, then do not end his turn normally, but use “Auto End Turn” button.

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