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    Well, it’s the second time I get into this situation.
    I negociate a contract before undead scourage end and wished to finish it later, It’s an contract to secure XX from councilman not noblehouse (the garison was 24 ghouls ). And few days later when undead scourage ended I accepted it then finish to get 20 crowns, and the terrified villager also not removed.
    I dont know what happened, but there must be something wrong and it’s the second time I accept an contract before late game crisis end and finish it after it end to get minor bounty.

    Well, another issue is that I have a few saves to have settlements destroyed after greenskin invasion end, I know it’s the roaming greenskin hord, BUT, once I got 5 settlements destroyed, it rediculous.

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    Well, I got, it’s a problem marching the way since 0.7 beta.
    If I am on a esscort on the way and a brigand party (the same with orc and goblin) heading for a pillage purpose, I often use space bar to pause and check the opponent type to change my formatiob. This may sometime cause a bug that I have to see the caravan killed by brigand and my contract failing while cannot do anything. This always happens if I pause the game very close to being engaged I thought It might be the problem.

    I think it has been reported because I have seen similar topic before, But no solution actually.
    Maybe it’s a technical problem?

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    Almost forgot, I cannot remember when you change coat of scales armor fatigue penalty from -36 to -38. BUT there is a strange thing that decayed coat of scales worn by fallen heros still -36. It seems decaying reduce its weight hah, that’s funny :)
    Maybe you man just forget to weighten it consistantly?

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