Topic: Bug report: orcs are stunning stunned guys

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    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    1.On my game,there was a line of brothers,and two of them moved a hex closer to orc line.Then Orc youngs started a dumb thing: one of them charged(thats how it named in game) and stunned the upper guy…Then two other orks charged this guy,but without effect,because he was stunned.I think thats a bug and need to be fixed.
    2.Its fully reproducable,tested second time.

    Avatar photoRap

    That’s not a bug. Orcs use the charge skill to get somewhere fast AND for a chance to stun someone. They’re not supposed to charge only people who aren’t stunned or engaged already.

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    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    Okay then,if this not a bug,then orcs are very dumb? Why not to stun other guy,especially because orcs like to kill people for trophies…
    I think they are dumb in other way,and attacking all humans which they are seeing…And not in groups.
    Anyway,its youre decision.

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