Topic: Can you fix your RNG?

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    Really. This game is great the but “Random” part is totally bull dung. I miss 95% hits left and right, while enemies hit 10% hits for days. This game for sure does not use “random” as a hit chance calculation. if you note down the chances vs hit/miss in excel EVERY flag raises for outlier tests.

    Same goes for trends. for some reason the “rng” does have a wave/sinus pattern. some rounds you miss 90% of all hits/attacks, the next all of them go through even with lower odds. so seemingly this underlying mechanic overrides the standard hitchance. This became very blatantly obvious while playing a ranger campaign with 6 range attackers (12 hits per round). some rounds you miss 6-8 70+% hits in a row, which is astronomical small to occur even ONCE, strangely things like this happens 5 times in a single fight.



    And let us not forget the terrain/spawn RNG which favors 3 out of 4 times the enemies (high ground).



    Some more interesting “random” facts about the RNG in this game:

    for some reason it has like a 60+ % chance of being within 10%(abs) of the “target value”. meaning that if i roll a 95, 6 out of 10 rolls are between 85 and 100. that is NOT random.

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