Topic: Can you fix your RNG?

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    Really. This game is great the but “Random” part is totally bull dung. I miss 95% hits left and right, while enemies hit 10% hits for days. This game for sure does not use “random” as a hit chance calculation. if you note down the chances vs hit/miss in excel EVERY flag raises for outlier tests.

    Same goes for trends. for some reason the “rng” does have a wave/sinus pattern. some rounds you miss 90% of all hits/attacks, the next all of them go through even with lower odds. so seemingly this underlying mechanic overrides the standard hitchance. This became very blatantly obvious while playing a ranger campaign with 6 range attackers (12 hits per round). some rounds you miss 6-8 70+% hits in a row, which is astronomical small to occur even ONCE, strangely things like this happens 5 times in a single fight.


    And let us not forget the terrain/spawn RNG which favors 3 out of 4 times the enemies (high ground).


    Some more interesting “random” facts about the RNG in this game:

    for some reason it has like a 60+ % chance of being within 10%(abs) of the “target value”. meaning that if i roll a 95, 6 out of 10 rolls are between 85 and 100. that is NOT random.

    Od the MissingOd the Missing

    Nearly everyone complaining about the rng doesn’t know how rng works. The number you roll isn’t your chance to hit, but the number your opponent must beat, in order for them to successfully dodge your attack. If you roll 80, the computer beats your roll with 81 and over. If you were to roll 12 and your opponent roll 10, you hit them. There’s nothing wrong with the mechanics, only your expectations. If rolls were taken out of 20, instead of 100, there might be less confusion about this, because when people see these integers, they assume they’re looking at percent.

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