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    I am loving the game, and was hoping to stream it onto Twitch, but as soon as I launch OBS, all the characters will look like TV static, or a bunch of pixels. I have been looking all over the place, and I can’t seem to find a common solution. I did try the solution that was stated in patch notes and that does not seem to resolve either. I have been able to recreate it several times. If I run the game without OBS, works like a champ, as soon as I open OBS, it starts to mess up.

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    Hey. I know a few people streaming/recording with OBS.
    Did you try running the game in windowed mode? I can’t make screenshots with the “print-screen” button when in full-screen or borderless, maybe this is related.

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    I normally run it in Borderless Windowed mode, but I have tried Fullscreen and Windowed, and it does the same thing.

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