Topic: Caravan attacked by raiders, I get dragged in. Why?

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    So I was travelling, being chased by raiders, when a crossing caravan ran into said raiders. I’m already a bit away from the raiders & caravan, but I still get dragged into their fight.. Should that be possible?

    Avatar photoRap

    It’s kinda hard to tell from the screenshot.

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    Avatar photoRexmundi

    Let’s put it this way, I am running from raiders, the distance does not decrease. The caravan I crossed paths with get’s attacked and I get dragged into the fight. Even though I’m at a distance where I can’t be attacked normally. Now even if I could be dragged into a fight at that distance, I’m not being the one attacked, why do I get dragged in a battle when I’m not the one being attacked and I did not click on an ongoing battle.. The caravan is not my ally, I don’t care if it gets destroyed. It almost seems you get auto attacked if friendlies in the vicinity get attacked? I would really like to have the option to decline assisting even allies, let alone neutral npc caravans.

    Anyway i got a screenshot from just before the battle. I am moving to the north, caravan to the south, Raiders to the north.

    On a side note, raiders seem _very_ persistent in following your party.

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