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    During a caravan escort mission, I was ambushed by a healthy group of goblins. Since they were spawned 2-3 tiles from the caravan donkey, the 1st of the two caravan carts were lost on turn 1. The second caravan cart, I could not find. More surprisingly, the Goblins Wolfriders could not find it either.
    My log file at 17:34:35 should be the place where this battle occurs.

    When I killed the Goblins and accompanied the two surviving caravan hands to the quest city, I was paid for successfully delivering one caravan cart.

    Also, I managed to do something that I’ve been trying to do for a while, and that’s when passing through a port town, I paid to sail to another city. I successfully journeyed to that next city, and when I left, I was teleported back to the caravan.

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